A Russian firm known as Yota Devices has developed the world's first two sided mobile phone! At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week, the two-sided Android phone was revealed to the world. Known as the YotaPhone, one side is your tried and trusted smartphone while the other side is an e-Reader with an e-ink screen. 
To develop this device, Yota partnered with several firms - 5 of them to be exact - to bring this perculiar cell phone to life: Qualcomm for the chipsets; Corning for the 3D Gorilla Glass (for a custom display for 4.3 inches);Hi-P out of Singapore as a OMD partner; Symphony Teleca for the expertise on creating the Android platform, improve power management and optimize and enhance the overall product software architecture and Dream Industries(BookMate) for content. For more detailed business information check out the following story at Forbes.com: http://nosax.me/ZhHFuP
As should be expected in the smartphone market, interesting times are certainly ahead! It begs the question, what will they think of next. Below are some videos to give that initial glance of what we can expect from the Yota device. Enjoy!

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