KDE developer Aaron Seigo announced the Spark last month and revealed that it will ship with a tablet-friendly user interface based on KDE's Plasma environment. Under the hood, the Spark runs the Mer platform, which is a community-driven mobile Linux environment based on the MeeGo project.

The Spark will have a 1GHz ARM CPU, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, and an 800x480 display. Seigo has confirmed that it's based on the Zenithink C71, an Android tablet produced by a Shenzhen manufacturer. The retail price of the Spark hasn't been finalized yet, the developers are aiming for €200 ($262).

The tablet sets a relatively high standard of openness. The software environment is built with open components from the KDE and Mer projects, both of which are community-driven and welcome the participation of independent developers. Users can also optionally choose to replace the operating system that is installed on the device. In a blog post about the product's openness, Seigo explained that the only parts that aren't completely open yet are some of the hardware drivers.

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