Sony's next FLAGSHIP tablet has been leaked. The Sony XPERIA Tablet features; Tegra 3 Quad Core CPU, Aluminum Body, 8MP Rear, 1MP Front, 6000mAh, September release date at:16GB $399.99, 32GB $499.99, 64GB $599.99. While most of the intrigue about Sony's next tablet evaporated in a barrage of leaked slides, a few press renders offer us a closer look at the Tablet S replacement. Proudly emblazoned with the Xperia brand, the tablet steps closer to Sony's smartphone family, with a texturized backing likely to keep fingertips happy. We've included a second picture after the break, showing that a substantial bezel is still part of the design and confirming that we'll be playing with Android 4.0, if not Google's very latest OS.

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