Authored by Olu Oyekanmi. Olu can be followed on Twitter here: @oluoyekanmi
I have to admit that I am a big fan of this concept, however, I did not expect things to end so soon. Word on the street is that KNO – the high profile Silicon Valley start-up – is selling the hardware side of its business. The decision, we are made to believe, is due to the quicker than expected uptake in tablet manufacture by quite a number of manufacturers. 
KNO Tablet
Because of this, the company has decided to offer solutions for the Apple iPad and Android tablets. At the moment, no one knows which companies KNO is in discussions with. However, KNO did ship a few products but not enough to cause any of the major players to lose any “sleep about”.

Analysts have been dubious about the marketing of a brand new complex product and concept. Many have felt that the effort and finance required for such an undertaking was beyond KNO.

If you are wondering about this product, please see the two videos below. 

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