The iRiver Story is a new ebook reader on the market from a South Korean company called iriver, most known for their MP3 players and networking devices. This ebook reader weighs in at around $240 - $300. Not many except for the serious tech geeks have heard of IRiver. The reason for this is apart from Amazon and eBay, you pretty much cannot purchase the IRiver from shops. 

The following are just some of the specs you can expect: 
  1. Google Ebook Store Integration
  2. Battery life of 7000 page turns
  3. e-Ink technology
  4. 2GB Internal memory
  5. Pixel resolution of 800 x 600, with 8 levels of grayscale
  6. Supports PDF, ePub, Doc, PPT, XLS, jpg, TIF, BMP

Recent reviews have constantly stated that the IRiver does not stand up to the Kindle Fire or Nook. Nevertheless, you may find it more useful than the traditional powerhouses of the eBook reading world. Anyway, enjoy the video.
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