Sagem SFR
Have you heard of the FnacBook, Telecom Italia eBook or the Thalia Oyo?  It is looking like they are all one and the same - a Sagem product called the Binder with a six-inch SiPix capacitive e-paper touchscreen. It also has the standard accelerometer, 2GB of internal flash, a microSD card slot and support for ePub and PDF, but there is one feature that sets it apart from the pack: a cellular modem that will give FnacBook buyers free 3G service a la the Amazon Kindle's Whispernet. French carrier SFR is subsidizing that little venture, so it's not part and parcel of buying into Sagem's device, but if you find yourself holding onto a different rebrand we suppose you'll still have 802.11 b/g WiFi for your Steig Larsson downloads. Fnac's already taking pre-orders at €199 (about $277); devices ship November 10th.
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