Once upon a time, Blackberry was the top dog among the smartphone manufacturers. Today that is not so. Apart from that, they (Blackberry) have had a spectacular failure in the Tablets market. This is quite simply why many are calling the Z10 its' saviour. Maybe there is not much excitement for Blackberry products in North America and Europe but here in South Africa many are chomping a the bits to get their Z10. Only time will tell if this product is any good. 

The Z10 is an all touch screen with gesture based navigation with a height of 130 mm/5.12 in, width of 65.6 mm/2.58 in, Depth of 9 mm/0.35 in, and a weight of 135.4g/4.78 oz. Display resolution of 1280 x 768 and a screen size of 4.2 in diagonal 15:9 aspect ratio. Operating system is a Blackberry 10. The Z10 also sports a 8-megapixel camera and 10 hours battery talk time. 

Although not all the specs are mentioned, this is just to whet your appetite for the videos to come. See videos below and enjoy!
To own the Z10 phone, check it out here: http://nosax.me/13VNaSq

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