This is to inform everyone that we are back online as promised. We have made a few changes to the site as compared with the last time. We have added a music section, which includes both mp3 and CD music. We have also added Kindle books, which was something we did not do before. In addition, a magazine section has been added. This covers magazines of all interests with three sections – all magazines, men, and women. In our audio books section, we have broken up the books into their different genres. This means that you can go to what interests you and not have go through the whole database.

Most interesting of all is the addition of an archive section. This section brings together all the old blog posts we have put out there. You must also remember that we were using Blogger as our blogging platform. We now have our own blogging platform and have decided not to use blogger anymore. Although it will not be in use anymore, you can still read old blog posts there: old NosaDigital Blogs posts

Missing at the moment is our video on demand page. We have not added it because it might go to one of our sister sites. We are still debating but we will keep you posted.

Please contact us with your suggestions or for products you may require and we will endeavour to get what you need.

Thank you for your time, patience, and patronage.

NosaDigital 2010

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